RETS Cheat Sheet

IDX – Internet Data eXchange

FTP – File Transfer Protocol – a method to export data for IDX

RETS – Real Estate Transaction Standard – a type of IDX export

Table – a distinct organized collection of data, i.e. Residential Listings, Agents, and Offices

Field – a particular data entry, ie status, list office

Filter – a type of limit or restriction that can be placed on a particular table

Profile – a specific set of filters that can be assigned to agent records


Some Common RETS Filters

(L_StatusCatID=X) Status Category must be X

(L_ListAgent=X) List Agent must be X

(L_ListOffice=X) List Office must be X

~(L_Status=X_Y) Status must NOT be X_Y

(L_ListOffice = X,Y,Z) List Office must be either X, Y, or Z

(L_StatusCatID=X),(L_ListOffice=Y) Status Category must be X and List Office must be Y

(L_ListOffice=X),~(L_Status=Y_Z) List Office must be X, but not Status Y_Z


Things to remember about filters

The expression must be enclosed in ()

Commas(,) always mean and

Tilde (~) always means not and should be outside the ()

Your SSM is always here to help you if you run into problems or have any questions about RETS!!