Create New RETS Account

Do you have a new vendor who wants RETS access?  Setting up a New RETS Account is easy.
Follow the steps below to create a New RETS account.

Quick Guide for Creating a New RETS Account

Green Arrows -> Items that can be filled out the exact same way for every vendor

Red boxes -> Items that will, for the most part, be similar or share a similar format for every vendor

Items to provide to a New Vendor so they can access the feed:

  • Login Name (Set by You)

  • Password (Set by You)

  • RETS URL (Provided by your SSM)


Fields that can change a vendor's access to data within RETS:

  • Security Level

  • Office

  • RETS Profile

  • Allowed Paragon Clients


Fields to help you stay organized and locate your vendor accounts more easily:

  • User Code

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Office

  • Agent Type

  • Status


Suggestions for Key Fields:


Setting the account password:

You will need to create the password that the vendor will be using to access the data feed. To help with that, put YOUR email address in the E-mail Address box. When you save the account, it will then send a password reset request to your email address. Simply click the link in the email within 3 hours to set the vendor’s password. You can then go back to the new account and replace your email address with the vendor’s email address.